2020 XS Sights Catalog

Which sight option is best for you?

Big Dot vs. Standard Dot

Big Dot The larger surface area of the big dot allows shooters to index the front sight faster and get rounds down range faster. The oversized white dot leads the market in low light visibility. The larger surface area allows for more ambient light to be reflected to the shooters eye. The big dot is ideal for defensive shooting where a lethal/reliable shot is needed as fast as possible. Front Sight Width - 0.188" Standard Dot Our standard dot is 30% smaller than our Big Dot, but still larger than the industry average. The standard dot offers more precise shot placement while remaining a solid defensive option. Front Sight Width - 0.140"


DXW (Defensive Express White Rear) Tritium-powered front and a white stripe rear sight allow for greater visibility in bright light and quickly changing light conditions. DXW is ideal for target shooting and shooters who are color blind or have trouble seeing fine details. Since the rear sight uses white, it maintains visibility well in low light and remains a great defensive option. alignment in low light conditions. DXT is ideal for carry pistols and home defense, considering most altercations happen at night. DXT (Defensive Express Tritium) Tritium-powered front and rear sight allows for easy sight



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